Twitter to Facebook Not Working?

So I just realized that my Tweets weren’t posting to Facebook thanks to my sister pointing out the fact that she missed my filling up her Facebook page with useless information (that’s her opinion, of course!)

There is a quick and easy fix to that problem and it goes like this:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to
  3. If it looks like you’re already connected to Twitter, click the link that says “want to disconnect…?”
  4. When disconnected, sign out of twitter from the Facebook app
  5. Head back to twitter and send a test tweet (which won’t appear on Facebook)
  6. Go back to
  7. Sign back into Twitter from the Facebook app
  8. Ensure the relevant check boxes are ticked
  9. Go back to Twitter and send another test tweet, and…
  10. Check your Facebook wall – it should have worked!

Ten quick and easy steps and now you can flood all of your friends’ and relatives’ Facebook pages with you useless information.  I LOVE MY SISTER!

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