A Father’s Love

My brother-in-law is a Chaplain with the U.S. Navy, currently assigned to the Coast Guard.  He has been deployed to Haiti to help with the relief efforts there.  What follows is a glimpse of what is happening there from his eyes; A view that most likely will never be told in the media.  This is directly from one of his emails to my sister:

…It may seem small in comparison but our little clinic has evacuated over 200 people.  I can’t tell you the number of lives that have probably been saved because of the efforts of our folks here.  Our Coast Guard helicopters pack in as many people as they can, sometimes seven or eight or more people.  What they can’t fit in a seat or on a stretcher, they put in their laps.

These people are so resilient.  For years they have been subjected to whatever comes their way, either man made or nature related and they survive.  I watched little children with sever wounds be worked on with no pain medicine or anesthesia and not even whimper.  One lady with a severe head trauma, along with multiple other wounds, have her scalp opened up and cleaned of gang green, she never flinched, and then when it was all done she got up and walked out of the clinic!  They are grateful for Tylenol…something we take everyday.  It is absolutely amazing.

They are so open to prayer and a kind smile or a look of compassion.  While most of our people wore a mask I couldn’t bring myself to wear one most of the time because I wanted them to see my face and know that I hurt with them and cared about them.  One boy about 8 or 9 came in with a bad head wound; when they were done working on him they asked who brought him in.  He said no one…his parents were killed when his house collapsed.  He sat on the steps for two days, I don’t know what happened to him after that. I can only pray a relative found him and took him in. An 85 year old woman was carried in over the shoulders of a 15 year old kid.  When we asked what happened he said the nursing home she was in collapsed…she was the only survivor.  He just found her and brought her in.  I didn’t think she was going to make it.  As I prayer over her I asked God that if he were to take her to do it quickly, but if not to begin restoring her health.  Three days later we were able to medivac her.  Part of me couldn’t believe she lived the other part just stood in amazement at God’s faithfulness.

One more I will tell you about.  A beautiful young woman in her early 20’s was brought in with multiple injuries.  She had with her a handsome well built man who looked to be slightly older then her.  After she was treated I watched for three days how this man sat with her, laid her head in his lap, helped her move around, find her food.  His gentle care for her was incredible to watch.  I eventually made it over to them and offered to pray for her…they were excited about this idea.  I assumed this was his wife so I asked him if I could pray for his wife and he said “no, no, this is my daughter.”  I was moved to tears at that point as I made the connection.  The love of a father has no limits, not age, not injury, not circumstances…

I am brought to tears thinking that just as this father stayed with his daughter, consoling, holding, helping, caring, moving and caring for her, how much more does our Heavenly Father do this for us and we take it for granted?  Take a moment.  Think about it.



Sophos Anti-Virus and Windows 7

I’ve just begun testing Windows 7 on a few of our computers at Grace Family Church and as a part of the configuration process I install our anti-virus software, Sophos.  The Sophos client can be pushed to the machine from the Sophos Enterprise Console on our central anti-virus server.  The issue I have ran into is that the client would not install; it kept failing.

Sophos support was very helpful in referring me to KB29287 on their support site.

In a nutshell, on each Windows 7 client, you need to make sure that the following services are running in order for the remote install process to work:

  1. Computer Browser
  2. Remote Registry
  3. Server
  4. Task Scheduler
  5. Workstation
  6. Windows Installer

I hope that this saves you some time in the future when installing Sophos on a Windows 7 client.

Apple Home Folder Permissions

Today, I had the pleasure of migrating a user from a MacBook to a MacBookPro.  Apple includes this cool tool call  the “Migration Utility” which allows you to link the old and new computer together either by firewire or ethernet and then transfer all Applications, Documents, Settings, etc. from the old to the new.

After completing the transfer process, I was having issues updating a few applications and accessing files in the user’s Home Folder on the new computer.  After some research, I discovered that these issues are usually caused by permission issues.  I opened Disk Utility to Verify and Repair Permissions on the disk but to no avail. I was still having issues.

Then, I stumbled across this a post that suggested  removing the ACL’s (Access Control Lists) and restoring them.  Here is how I did that:

  1. Login as the user having issues and open the Terminal.app in the Utilities folder
  2. Type the following command and hit enter:    sudo chmod -RN ~
  3. You will be prompted for a password, enter it and hit enter
  4. Type the following command (pay attention to the correct symbols) and hit enter:   sudo chown -R `id -un`
  5. Reboot your computer from your Install disk (Leopard or Snow Leopard dvd) by making sure the dvd is in the drive and holding “C” down while booting the computer.
  6. Select your language and continue
  7. At the top of the screen, select “Utilities” and then “Reset Password”
  8. Select the username that you want to reset the ACL’s and then click the option to do so in the lower right corner.
  9. Reboot the computer upon completion.

Permission issues resolved!

April’s Sermon: Gram’s Funeral

As “spoken” by my wife, April, at her Grandmother’s funeral on 7/29/09.  Olive Shawley 1/20/19-7/25/09 (Celebrating 90 years!)


I have always felt that I needed to speak at my gram’s funeral but never knew what I was going to say.  We all know how great she was so what more do I have to add?  Well, the morning gram passed, I got a couple hours of sleep and during that time, the Lord spoke to me with a perfect description of my Gram.  She’s the quote OLIVE tree unquote for so many of us.

Did you know that the word Olive is mentioned over 30 times in the Bible.

In Nehemiah 8:15 God’s word says:

and that they (they being children) should publish and proclaim in all their cities, and in Jerusalem, saying, Go forth unto the mount, and fetch olive branches, and branches of wild olive, and myrtle branches, and palm branches, and branches of thick trees, to make booths, as it is written.

An Olive branch is used to provide shelter.

In Romans 11:17

An olive tree provides nourishment

In Leviticus 24:2

Olives were used to make oil for lamps which provides light in darkness.

In Hosea 14:6

6 his young shoots will grow. His splendor will be like an olive tree,

An olive tree is beautiful.

Do you see the similarities between what God’s word has to say about an Olive and my Gram whose name just so happens to be Olive.  Maybe I’m stretching it a bit but our Olive has provided to each and everyone of us in one way or another shelter and nourishment, and has always been a beautiful light inside and out!  I think we all have experienced Gram’s shelter whether by sitting in the warmth of her kitchen or coolin’ off on her porch.  And while we’re warming up, cooling off or simply taking a break from working the farm she’s handing you a drink (coffee, iced tea, lemonade, or Pepsi), and a snack: a cookie, chips, a sliver of pie,  a dish of ice cream, a bowl of cantalope, peanut butter fudge, a slice of date nut roll.  Or how about when she’s had you over for dinner:  pig stomach, homemade pot pie, roast beef or  roast a chicken, a ham and her most recent “Hoagie’s from Jack’s”.  BUT wait, don’t forget all the trimmings:  mashed taties, fried taties, baked mac & cheese, baked beans, peas, corn, green beans, a salad, fruit salad, and her delicious homemade coleslaw.  Dare I mention dessert: apple pie, cherry pie, rhubarb pie, & homemade grapenut ice cream.

I also want to talk about how beautiful Gram was.  She always took great pride in looking so beautiful regardless of staying home or going out.  “You never know when someone might stop in for a visit” she’d say.  As well, she would never leave home w/out a necklace, earrings, watch and rings and don’t forget about her perfect hair that she would fuss about.  I have never seen any other 90 year old lady with her natural hair color.  That’s one of the many genes I’m hoping to be blessed with.

Over the years, the olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory,  and pureness. Did you know that the meaning of Olive means “fruit of the olive tree.”  Who would have known that when named as a baby Olive would grow into her name.  She had the heart of a servant who never complained.  I can’t really remember a time where she’s ever complained about having to do anything, like cooking, cleaning, doing her wash, caring for her children and grandchildren (who would run through the house leaving a trail of dirt beginning at one door and going out the other), or even her husband who she was married to for 65 years and brother-in-law Harold who lived with them for over 30 years.  She had a way of caring for everyone and making you feel so special while in her presence.  .

As I look around at who is here today, I know there isn’t one of us who my Gram hasn’t provided for in someway, shape, or fashion.   Did you know an olive tree is timeless.  It lives on for many many years and so will the legacy that my Grandmother, your mother, your mother-in-law, your aunt, your cousin, your friend is leaving behind for us.

Looking back over these characteristics of Gram, I see Christ.  Christ is a provider of shelter & nourishment, he provides light in dark times, he is beautiful, he is full of peace, wisdom, glory, pureness, and HE certainly doesn’t complain.  I have no doubt that Olive knows Christ.  It’s through Christ and knowing him as our personal Lord & savior, we have access to what Gram had and we can strive for the same goal of glorifying God.  I know Gram would want everyone to know Christ as she did.  Let me take a moment to share with you how that can happen.  There is only one way to heaven and that way is through a personal relationship with Christ who died on the cross, conquered death, so that we can be forgiven of our sins and live with Him in heaven forever.  This is God’s FREE gift two you.  Receive it today and have eternal life.

Let’s pray:

God, I thank you for your gift of Olive Shawley to us and that we as believers will see her again in heaven.  Father if there is anyone here that doesn’t know you and wants to have eternal life like Gram has I ask that they take a moment now and confess that they are a sinner and ask you to come into their life.

Thank you for a godly woman who reflects your glory leading others to you.  What an honor and privilege it has been to be a part of her life.  Thank you for her warmth and generosity that have blessed so many. Thank you for her show of strength right up to the day you took her home.    Thank you God for there was no suffering.  We place her in your hands, the hands that have healed her .  As your word declares in Revelation 21:4 You will wipe away every tear from her eye, and her death will not exist any more – she is not mourning, or crying, or in any pain, for these things have ceased to exist.”  God, I am a better person for having known her.   When you called her name, she willingly rose!

In your name, AMEN

Empty? No – Full!

This past Saturday, July 25, 2009, @ 1:30 a.m. my wife’s grandmother passed away.  We’ve spent this week at the family farm in Yarnell, PA taking care of family things, funeral stuff, and just hangin’ out.  The farm has been up for sale for a few months and it looks as if it will be sold by the end of August.

Because of the pending sale, April’s grandmother had already begun clearing “stuff” out of the farmhouse; beds, furniture, clothing, junk, etc.  Coming back to the farm this time and seeing the house empty, it just doesn’t feel right, it’s empty.  On top of that there’s something else missing – April’s Grandmother.  She’s there cooking breakfast, lunch, & dinner at precisely 8, 12, and 5 o’clock.  She’s not running outside with a cold drink.  She’s not baking pies or cakes.  There’s an empty feeling in this house because She is missing.

Olive Shawley will be missed.  She was a woman who took care of her family, friends and anyone else that happened to come along.  She lived a life of sacrifice, always putting others before herself.  As April said during the funeral service, her grandmother was a perfect example, or type, of Christ.  Just like when you look at the moon, you see a reflection of the sun; when you looked at Olive Shawley you saw a perfect reflection of Christ.

Gram is in Heaven, bowing before the Most Holy God worshiping without shame.  As I look around the empty farmhouse I am reminded that even though the house is empty, Gram was not.  She was full of Christ and exuded Love, Forgiveness, Patience, Care, Kindness, Self-Sacrifice, and on, and on…  I am reminded that “stuff” doesn’t matter.  You can’t take it with you to Heaven, right?  What matters is following Jesus.  Executing his will in your life.  Doing the things that Christ wants me to do.  Serving him with reckless abandon like Gram did.

What “stuff” do you have in your life?  What do you need to empty out in order to be full?  Is Christ a part of your life?  If not, take a look a this:  Two Ways to Live.  You too can be full: Full of Christ.  And the benefit is this: Eternity – You get to spend eternity with Him!

Gram – We Love you and miss you!

Thank you for the memories!

Thank you for being a perfect example of Christ to myself, April, and our girls, Kendyl and Logan!

“THE Talk”

This had me laughing out loud hysterically.  You must read this to the end and then answer the poll:


Then answer the poll questions:

Now, explain that talk in the comments.  Ready? GO!

Oh, How He Loves Me and You…

It’s bedtime.  April asks Kendyl to brush her teeth.  Kendyl can’t find her toothbrush.  April asks “What did you do with it after you brushed your teeth this morning?”  Kendyl replies, “I don’t know.”

Kendyl lied about brushing her teeth this morning.  We know this because we found her toothbrush in her overnight bag which she brought home from her cousin’s last night.  Kendyl’s grounded.  Kendyl proceeds to have an “attitude” because she is grounded.  We pray with her, kiss her, tell her we love her, turn off the light and leave the room.

After five minutes, Kendyl appears at our door and asks for April and I each separately.  She grabs a hold of me, sobs, hugs, sobs, hugs harder.  I say, “I love you.”  Again I say, “I love you” and she replies back with the same words, sobbing and hugging tighter than before.  She’s forgiven.

What a beautiful moment.  A perfect picture of how God recieves us when we come back to him sobbing, knowing that we have done wrong by Him.  God is standing there, patiently waiting for us to run back into His wide-open arms, wanting us to collapse in them so that He can love on us.  Oh how He loves me… Oh how He loves you… Oh how He loves me and you…

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