About Me

I’m a Husband, Father, and Church IT guy combining my passion for ministry and technology in a way that allows me to become a growing disciple of Christ, resulting in the ability for me to disciple others in life, ministry and tech out of the overflow of what is happening in my life.

I have an awesome wife, 2 incredible girls and dog that I am always trying to give away.  I live in a house filled with estrogen and am always looking for “Man Cave” time!

The Rays, Cubs, and Bucs are my sports passions.

The goal of this blog is to allow myself to stop, think, process, and plan in all areas of my life.  By nature I am not an organizer, planner, or thinker but rather a person that thrives on spontaneity and spur of the moment happenings while trying to remember it all without writing it down.

I welcome advice, words of wisdom, and even criticism through the comment section of this blog.  As I stated, I’m looking to use this blog as a tool for growth!

Oh Yeah… While I am an employee and member of Grace Family Church, the opinions, statements, and comments in this blog do not, in any way, represent the views, opinions, or values of Grace Family Church.

Contact Me:

Home Email:  sgoodger (at) itsgoodgerhere (dot) com
Work Email:  sgoodger (at) gracefamilychurch (dot) org
Twitter: @sgoodger
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sgoodger

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