If It Seems Too Good To Be True – It Is!

With all of the excitement surrounding the release of Apple’s iPhone 4, April and I decided to sell our iPhones on Craig’s List in order to upgrade.  I sold mine last Thursday for cash to a local buyer.  April, on the other hand, received the following response from her Craig’s List Posting:

Hi, my name is Janet Romanowski and I would like to buy your iPhone.  I am currently at sea.  I will add $100 for shipping.  I am buying this for a Pastor in Nigeria.

Ok – so the whole Nigeria thing was kinda weird BUT being Christians, we thought, “Ok – let’s see where this goes” being that this is for a Pastor.  We responded and in follow up email we arranged for payment to be made via PayPal.  That’s when we got this email from “PayPal”.  It looks real enough, right?  Not so fast…

I’ve dealt with PayPal before but this was just too weird to be legit.

  1. The sending email wasn’t from PayPal.com
  2. The link they are asking us to go to ISN’T PayPal’s homepage
  3. There are WAY TOO MANY grammatical errors in this email for it to be coming from PayPal.
  4. Upon calling PayPal – They NEVER ask for a Shipping Number before money is made available in your account.
  5. Upon calling PayPal – there is no department in their organization named “PayPal Account Review Department”

Then we got this email:

You can’t see it here – but this email also came from a Non PayPay account.  There are also grammatical errors within the text at the bottom of the mail.  Also notice where they want me to send the Tracking Number for the shipment – it’s not to a PayPal account.

The next day we received this email:

While we were excited to help out a “Pastor” in Nigeria, things just didn’t add up.  Therefore, we decided just to let this one ride out and not respond.  Surprise, surprise, surprise… We haven’t heard from anyone since.

We’ve all heard this said before but I’m going to say it again: If it seems too good to be true, it is!

That being said, we still have an iPhone 3Gs for sale.  It has been upgraded to iOS4 and thus can’t be jail-broken or unlocked.  If you are interested in it, let me know.  If you dig around the blog, you’ll figure out how to contact me (Check out the About Me page).

I hope that this might save someone from getting scammed through Craigslist and PayPal.


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