Connecting with Others – Fellowship One Style

As I was sitting in our monthly Central Florida Fellowship One user group in January (yep – I’m very late in posting this), I was prompted to share what I felt is the meaning of “Fellowship One”.

Fellowship: community of interest.

As I sit in this room I am surrounded by other Fellowship One users, I’m noticing that we are a community of people who have a common interest with a goal of using Fellowship One within our individual ministries to further the cause of Christ.

One: of the same or having a single kind, nature, or condition.

We in this room are all in the same condition.  We’re all saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ.  Also, we are all users of the Church Management system Fellowship One.

Our user group comes together once a month to share, learn, encourage, and uplift one another within our “community of interest” where we are “of the same or having a single kind, nature or condition.”  In January we had 2 people from Warehouse 727 in attendance.  They are a church of about 200 people in St. Petersburg, FL and have never really fully embraced Fellowship One and all that it can offer them.

The other churches represented all have a weekly attendance of 2,000 – 5,000 people and are pretty well entrenched in Fellowship One.  What’s cool is that we were able to spend this time pouring our experiences, our findings, our struggles, our roadblocks with the Warehouse 727 crew.  We helped them see that they can’t eat the proverbial elephant all in one bite but that they needed to take a step back and begin with the features that have the most impact on their Church body and then once that happens, they should can take their next “bite”.

Ministry can be a lonely world, and when you are a church of 200, it can be even harder because your resources are limited EXCEPT when you have a Fellowship One User Group at your beckoned call.  Warehouse 727 can now take advantage of the knowledge, experience, and expertise of those of us who have been there and done that so that as they grow, they are prepared to shepherd their people through the use of Fellowship One.

Just a few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hosting the Warehouse 727 folks on our campus so that we could further discuss Fellowship One and how it can be used as a ministry tool for them.  It’s exciting to share with others the benefits of Fellowship One and even more exciting to see the benefits that Warehouse 727 will reap for the Kingdom because of our time spent together .

That is Fellowship One.

One Response to Connecting with Others – Fellowship One Style

  1. Neil Nuttall says:

    Now that we’re part of the F1 community I’m hoping that we can maybe start an Aussie F1 usergroup.
    Aside from us (we’re about 4000) I’m aware of two other Melbourne based churches using F1 (both <1000) and another two who are considering it as an option (2000+ and 4000+), so I guess we're on our way.

    BTW if you're an Aussie church using F1 drop me a line or if you do IT in an Aussie church (or para-church organisation) click along here:

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