Oh, How He Loves Me and You…

It’s bedtime.  April asks Kendyl to brush her teeth.  Kendyl can’t find her toothbrush.  April asks “What did you do with it after you brushed your teeth this morning?”  Kendyl replies, “I don’t know.”

Kendyl lied about brushing her teeth this morning.  We know this because we found her toothbrush in her overnight bag which she brought home from her cousin’s last night.  Kendyl’s grounded.  Kendyl proceeds to have an “attitude” because she is grounded.  We pray with her, kiss her, tell her we love her, turn off the light and leave the room.

After five minutes, Kendyl appears at our door and asks for April and I each separately.  She grabs a hold of me, sobs, hugs, sobs, hugs harder.  I say, “I love you.”  Again I say, “I love you” and she replies back with the same words, sobbing and hugging tighter than before.  She’s forgiven.

What a beautiful moment.  A perfect picture of how God recieves us when we come back to him sobbing, knowing that we have done wrong by Him.  God is standing there, patiently waiting for us to run back into His wide-open arms, wanting us to collapse in them so that He can love on us.  Oh how He loves me… Oh how He loves you… Oh how He loves me and you…

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