What’s Your IP Address?

So I’m working a side job this past Friday – I’ve been there the past 4 Friday’s as well, trying to figure out why all of the computers on the network randomly disconnect themselves from the server.  I just happened to stumble across the issue – It didn’t even dawn on me.  It turns out that there were 2 DHCP servers on the network.dhcpserver

Just so I don’t lose the non-technical folks, let me explain.  Every computer on a network has an IP address.  The IP address can be set either manually or dynamically.  A DHCP server gives out (leases) IP addresses to computers on the network.  All computers in the same network are able to talk to each other.

The issue here was that each of the 2 DHCP servers were giving out IP addreses to 2 completely different networks.  If computer A is given an address on Network 1, and Computer B is given an address on Network 2, Computer A and Computer B cannot talk to each other or the computers on “the other” network.

What did I do?  I unplugged the 1st DHCP server that was giving out addresses for the wrong network, then I turned off DHCP on the correct network’s router, and then I set up DHCP on the correct network’s domain controller.  Really, a simple fix.

But this got me thinking… What if we have the wrong address to God’s network?  What if all along we THOUGHT we were on the right “network”?  How do we know if we are on the correct network?

In John 14:6 Jesus says “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (ESV).  Quite simply, the only way to Heaven is through Jesus and Jesus alone.  Not Mary, not Communion, not Baptism, not good deeds.  Simply Jesus.

There are two ways to live – without God and with God.  On which “network” will you establish your address:  Heaven’s network or Hell’s network?  Check out Two Ways To Live, let me know your choice by leaving a comment below.  I’d love to pray for you as you begin your relationship with Jesus.

For those of us who already believe, sometimes we can let things take us away from the “network”.  Is there anything that is causing you to “change your IP address” so that you are on different network?  Is it time to check your “DHCP Server” to make sure it is giving out the correct address?

One Response to What’s Your IP Address?

  1. Trace says:

    Good stuff! I’m a geek so this appealed to me on multiple levels. 🙂

    I thought about this in terms of marriage too. My wife and I can get disconnected and our relationship seems so broken. It usually takes a little while to figure out, but most of the time it is an easy fix (I should probably mention that most of the time it is my fault too!).

    Thanks for sharing.

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