I’m Home

I’m home I think I’ve recovered.  Not a whole lot of jet lag to deal with – I think that has something to do with not sleeping on the plane, coming home and staying awake until the time you normally go to bed.

It was a long 2 days of travel.  Tuesday morning began with us getting our visa’s successfully and then running over to Nathaniel’s wife’s parents home to say hello.  From there we went back to Nathaniel’s house, loaded up the car with 3 people’s luggage, 3 djembes and 5 people – Me, Matt, Dr. Phil, Nathaniel and his driver.  The djembes sat on our laps in the car – a tight fit for all of us for about 3 hours.

We were blessed at the border crossing as we were met there by one of Nathaniel’s friends from Togo.  He assisted us in getting across but we still had to “bribe” several people along the way to make it through without having to pull all of the luggage out for inspection.  We had nothing to hide – we were just short on time.  Once through we also had to stop several times and change drivers – Nathaniel’s driver doesn’t have an international driver’s license and each time we came up on a “police stop” we would stop the car, they would get out a pretend they had to “pee”, and then switch places in the car. Call it God’s sovereign plan or whatever, but they both happened to be wearing white shirts and dark pants so that from a distance the police would not be able to tell what we were doing.  They could very easily change spots without getting caught.

We arrived at the airport and got through customs there with no issues at all.  In fact the customs agent was quite excited that I had purchased a djembe and was explaining how to take care of it while he threw stickers on the luggage.  The flights were ok.  Long flights, long layovers and glad to be home.

On the flight from Germany to D.C. I sat next to a girl from Daytona who had just graduated from Embry Riddle with a degree in air traffic control.  It was interesting talking to her about flying, directing traffic, etc.  She brought up that she had been on a 17 day tour of Europe and had purchased some rosaries from the Vatican.  That gave me an opportunity to share with her a little bit about the difference between salvation by works and the truth – salvation by grace through faith, nothing more and nothing less.

Upon arrival in Tampa, Matt’s wife Christie, Joel, Sarah, John & Kendra and the boys were all there to greet us.  It was like our own welcome home party.  Thanks guys for coming to greet us!  I really appreciated that since I was coming home to an empty house.

Yesterday was spent running errands, doing laundry and cleaning up my unpacking mess from the night before.  Today was spent with continued laundry, cleaning house, setting up a new pool and waiting – waiting for my girls to get home.  They should be home within the next hour or so.  I am very excited to see them.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at church in the morning and I really look forward to sharing with you all of the stories, photos, and experiences.  This is a trip that has been well worth it – even with the explosion included.  Everyone, yes EVERYONE, needs to visit a third world country in their lifetime.  We really do have it good here in America.  I will never again take for granted the MANY things I have in life – air conditioning, an enclosed home, 2 cars, 2 tv’s, 2 computers and hundreds more at the office, etc.  But the most important things that I share in common with my Ghanaian brothers & Sisters are these:  my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and my family.  If you have these two things, you need nothing more.  God saw it fit to give me each of these and I know that these are things he can never take away.

I’m sure that as I reflect over the coming weeks, I’ll have more thoughts to share.   Thank you all for your prayers and for those of you who have supported me financially in this venture – your money was not spent in vain.  Thank you for your contribution to this life changing trip.  Without your support I would have never been able to experience God in a whole new way.  I sincerely look forward to returning to Ghana & Togo in the future to continue what God has begun through Matt & I – “Africa, Computers, & Missions”.

Love to all,



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